What Does the No Contact Rule Do to a Man

If you`re wondering if this rule works for men, the answer is: definitely yes. If you want your ex to miss you, even more, treat him like your best friend (if and when he decides to contact you and I`m sure he will). I am new to this no contact rule. I was x 2 married and I never wanted my ex to come back; I`ve always been the dumper, always. So if I wanted to get one of my ex-partners back, I knew I could have them with me right away. In a corner of my head, I could have exes back at any time because they were begging. So I had (noticed that I said) a 100% return rate. I`m back in the market and for the first time in my whole life I was recently fired. I couldn`t believe the words that came out of his mouth.

I knew he wasn`t sure about the pain in his tone, I could hear those sounds (I`ve heard him so many times in previous relationships). I didn`t beg, I told him to throw away my things. Then he confirmed how I felt. Getting angry when I told him to throw away my things or give them away, I knew he wasn`t 100% sure he would let me go. He ended the conversation, and then my heart fell to the ground. For the first time in my life, a man made me cry. In all the TV shows I`ve seen when women were crying about a breakup, I couldn`t understand how someone could be so devastated because of a man. Then it appeared to me. I have indeed renounced my vigilance; 9 years of celibacy thrown out the window.

You see, after my last divorce, I kept my legs closed when I dated the same man over and over again for 9 years (our plans for marriage failed). Anyway, the man and the only man who broke my heart was supposed to be just my rebound, but in the end, he was the first man I tried with the no-contact rule in my entire life. I noticed that I said tried. I arrived on the 17th day. Unfortunately, the battery of my car died, it was a Friday the weekend of my flight out of town. I called an Uber to work, then I called him to fix my car. He did it. after saying no to me for the first time. After that, he quit his job to get my keys, went back to my house to get the battery information, picked up and paid for the battery, and repaired my car. Later, he gave me the receipt when I hugged him and thanked him.

I could see the pain in his eyes. I thought that if I gave him a few more days, he would change his mind and we would be together again. My boy, he gave me the silent treatment. I didn`t get an answer! Nothing! Nada! Buzz! I cried and cried, but he never knew the pain he was inflicting on me. Then I teamed up by joining a dating site, reading, walking more on the beach and lake, etc. I have now focused on myself. I started to feel so much better that it was a good time for me. Bam, another 14 contactless dys.

Just when I thought things were getting better, he looked at my dating profile. He joined the same view. He had to look for me because you wouldn`t find me if you didn`t indicate my age, height, marital status, etc. He hurt me. I broke another no contact rule and messaged him about this view, asking how he liked my profile. Two months after we both broke the no-contact rule, we had our first date, our second date, several text messages in between. I spent the night at his house but I didn`t sleep with him, I said no. So we held each other. He asked me if there was anyone else. How on earth can there be anyone else if I`m still crying over them, I thought to myself. He said he was sorry for everything, but pain is a pain I call karma and it`s a bi**h. Karma gave me the pain I had inflicted on other men.

he came back to persecute me. Anyway, yes, I can sleep with him again. We kissed passionately, I love him, I wanted him so much, but he never told me why he left me. I asked, he said, it`s not you, it`s me, oh please, really? Lame, but okay. He left me and gave me the silent treatment. Even after our appointments, I was no longer the first place. No good mornings or good nights Hun treasures sms, no phone calls when he leaves work, no more weekdays together, no whole day Saturday or Sunday together. All of it. still gone. I didn`t ask to spend so much time together, he suggested them. We can sit down, talk, kiss and reconcile, try to get this whole story back in due time, but I can`t trust him.

I imagine how we got married, but deep down, he can come home one day just to end our marriage without ANY REAL EXPLANATION. I let him go and I will face the pain now instead of taking the risk in a marriage and hurting worse later. No contact rule? Which contact rule? If both people want to be bad enough, they do NOT want the no contact rule. .

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